Class To Do List

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Class of 2017 - GRADUATE! - Work Hard! Apply for Scholarships Order Graduation Invites...Prepare for college or trade school NOW! Know the X factor!
Class of 2018 - Take ACT (MARCH), Get homework in on time and be NEAT! Make sure you are on track to graduate with the correct amount of credits. Talk to Counselors! Know the X factor!
Class of 2019 - LEARN DHS TRADITIONS - Join a club, be involved and study, study, study! Hang out in the LIBRARY! Know the X factor!







Dixie High Students of the Month




                                     Sophomores                              Juniors                                          Seniors



      Dantzel Miner, Casey Bunker    Hana-Joy Hanks, Matthew Dehaan      Emily Stewart, Alex Eason


Lang Arts

   Caroline Smith, Jayson Heap      Mariana Guerrero, Carter Yates       Mikayla Braunburger, Jeff Martinez



Erin Baldwin, Henry Wallace Riley Edgar, Matthew Dehaan Kaitlin Price, Cameron Gardiner



Maya Thomas, George Wells Ashlyn Smith, Nathan Hook Erykah Brazzeal, Josh Erickson


Social Studies

Shawnee Jones, Marshall Smith Grace Killiam, Alec Vaugh Emma Fleming, Trevor Connell


Foreign Language

Chaynee Worley, Milton Francom Elizabeth Durrant, Chris Harward Lindsey McNeil, Brach Campbell



Nina Cox, Parker Theobald Sabra Sparks, Ethan Hurst Samantha Gibson, Jackson Matthews


Health and PE   




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