Mon, Oct 19 A Day Lunch detention: Jared Huddleston 3 p.m. Faculty PLC in L300 Tue, Oct 20 B Day Lunch detention: Jace Johnson 7:00 p.m. Volleyball @ PV Wed, Oct 21 A Day Lunch detention: Stacy Leavitt Lockout/Lockdown Drill at the beginning of 2nd period Thur, Oct 22 B Day Lunch detention: Natalie Johnson 6:30 p.m. JV Football @ PV 7 p.m. Volleyball @ SC Fri, Oct 23 A Day Lunch detention: Israel Meadows 7 p.m. Football vs. Pine View Newest Hall of Fame inductee (Doug Jolley) Sat. Oct 24 8 a.m. ACT Test at DSU Volleyball 9th/10th grade @ Cedar Tourney


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