Dixie High Fight Song

We’ll fight for the cause of Dixie,
No stain shall mar her name.
Her foes shall meet sure disaster,
As they meet her in life’s game.
Resistless her men push onward,
As they hold her banners high.
Defeat never comes to Dixie,
For she has no alibi.
Dixie, Dixie, Dixie, Dixie, Dixie
Dixie, Dixie, Dixie, Dixie
We’ll stand by her through all trials,
At her shrine our knees will bend.
A faithful guide she has ever been,
When we needed most a friend.
Her mountains and hills may crumble,
But her spirit ne’er will die.
Defeat never comes to Dixie,
For she has no alibi.

Dixie High School Hymn

Oh Dixie we love thee,
To thee, We'll be true.
Oh Dixie we honor thee,
with thy emblems white and blue.
Thy days always golden,
thy blue skies so fair,
Shed radiance on Dixie High
and warm our spirit rare.
As I wander down life's highway,
May I always keep with me,
The memories of Dixie High wherever I may be.
So three cheers for Dixie High and to her noble quest,
For learning and honor, May we always give our best.
A prayer for our Dixie High, the bold Blue and White,
May ideals they stand for, E're be a beacon light.


It is a tradition to stand as the School Hymn is sung and the audience
and singers should refrain from clapping or cheering upon its conclusion!


Please visit the display at the front entrance of the school to learn more about our
Dixie High and its rich history. Students will have the opportunity to learn about
and participate in many great traditions here at Dixie.
Click icon below to see one of our annual Traditions.

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