All individuals who have never been licensed to drive a motor vehicle must complete an approved driver education course before being licensed in Utah. A certificate of completion of the course must be furnished to the examiner at the time application is made.
Remember that this certificate of completion is not a license to drive.
  • Must be attending Dixie High School or Registered
  • Minimum enter age to take the Drivers Education Class – 15 years.
  • Minimum amount of classroom training 30 hours. State Exam 80%
  • Minimum amount of supervised driving 40 hours, 10 hours are required to be night time driving with your parents, legal guardian or adult spouse.
  • Required age to obtain a license. 16 years.
  • Unsupervised Driving Prohibited Midnight to 5am.
  • Passenger Rules First 6 months, no passengers under 21. (family members excepted)
  • Class is $110.00
  • Simulators 4 Hour. Final Passing is 70%
  • 5 hours Instructional Driving Pass final Driving Test 80%


On August 1, 2006, a new provision in the Utah driver license law went into effect as mandated by House Bill 363 (2006 legislative session). The change is as follows:
This bill provides that beginning on August 1, 2006, the Driver License Division shall issue a Learner Permit to a person who:
  • is at least 15 years of age,
  • has passed the knowledge test,
  • has passed the physical and mental fitness test,
  • and has paid the learner permit fee of $15.00.
These tests are taken at a Drivers License Division (DLD). The bill provides that an applicant with a Learner Permit may operate a motor vehicle if a person who is an approved driving instructor, the applicant’s parents or legal guardian, or a responsible adult who is willing to assume liability for the minor is occupying the seat next to the applicant.
The bill provides that an applicant that has been issued a Learner Permit may obtain an original or provisional Class D License upon completing a driver education program, passing the skills test required by the division, reaching 16 years of age, and paying the fee for an original or provisional Class D License application.
The bill also provides that a person 17 years of age or younger shall hold a Learning Permit for six months before applying for a provisional Class D License.
53A-13-201 – Driver education established by school districts.
53A-13-202 – Driver education funding — Reimbursement of school districts for driver education class expenses — Limitations — Excess funds — Student fees.
53A-1-401 – Powers of State Board of Education — Adoption of rules — Enforcement.

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