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Schedules & Minutes

Meetings are held in the Faculty Lounge at Dixie High School.

Minutes for Previous Years

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Council Responsibilities

Dixie High Community Council serves as an advisory group to our school, and is comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators.  The Council assists and provides guidance in the development of our school improvement plan and oversees the distribution of State Trust Land Funds. 

Members are nominated and elected for two year terms. The Community Council functions under the direction of a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.  The decisions of the Council are made by consensus of all members. 

Parents interested in serving on the community council can contact Assistant Principal Eric Christensen at 435-673-4682 ext 3492, or Those wishing to view the complete school plan for State Trust Land Funds can view it at

The plan for trust land funds at Dixie High has three major dimensions–

  • First is to provide support beyond the regular school  for students who are not learning
  • Second is to enrich all classrooms to enhance learning for all students
  • Third is to support and enhance the PLC at Dixie High School

Council Members

            Non-voting Members